Private Galleries

Henry & Kimberly’s Wedding

Steven & Jeanna’s Wedding

Jonathan & Candace’s Wedding

James & Isabelle’s 50th Anniversary

Richard & Nicole’s Wedding

Shawn & Tonita’s Wedding

2017 Super School Portraits

Dan & Ina’s Wedding

Jesse & Brianne’s Wedding

Wesley & Michelle’s Wedding

Colby & Carla’s Wedding

Charmaine’s Pajama Jammy Jam

Lillie’s Retirement Party

Devita’s Birthday Celebration

Jennifer’s Birthday Celebration

Trevor & Gail’s Wedding

Frankie & Reagan’s Wedding

Joseph & Tara’s Wedding

Kenneth & Tiearra’s Wedding

Ryan & Melissa’s Wedding

Daphnie’s Graduation Celebration

Mahiri & Nasima’s Wedding

Travis & Nicci’s Wedding

UM Graduation Party

Tim & Erin’s Wedding

Bryan & Lisa’s Wedding

Tyler & Maureen’s Wedding

Derek & Rebecca’s Wedding

Kai & Kaiden’s Baptism

Kaneil & Erum’s Wedding

Ashley & Brittany’s Wedding

Wayne & Brula’s Photo Shoot

Katie & Amy’s Wedding

Daphne’s Birthday Celebration

Toni & Jeannie’s Wedding

Jude & Shellona’s Wedding

Jim & Carmen’s Wedding

Tim & Jennifer’s Wedding

Mark & Grace’s Wedding

Duane & Eileen’s Wedding

Jason & Christine’s Wedding

Adri’s Photo Shoot

Brianna’s Quinceanera

Scott & Stacy’s Wedding





Tami’s Photo Shoot

2 thoughts on “Private Galleries

  1. Hello Charles, How are you doing? My name is Mattie Williams (Kimely ‘s friend).. You did An AWESOME Photo Shoot for The Continentals Societies, Inc. 25th Anniversary(April 2013) at The Grand Ballroom in Kendall. I am trying to get A jump drive of the pictures or a CD copy. Please let me know what you can do for me. We have our 30th Anniversary coming up ( April 7, 2018). I would like to show the past..

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